Join us for a fun dart tournament on April 13th! Details and rules below:

How does the tournament work?

  • Players will play in teams of 2. If you only sign up as a single player, we will pair someone with you.
  • Teams will play our custom game PIRATES PLUNDER. This game is essentially "Around the World". Teams start at the number 1 and progress to the next number up until they make their way to the number 20. Three teams of 2 will be playing at the same time against each other.
  • Teams alternate turns until a player gets to 20 to win the game. All throws will stop at that point. That team will get 20 points plus whatever number the other team player is on. For example, the other team player may be on the number 9 when the first player hits twenty. That team will now have 29 points going into the next round. The other 2 teams will have their points tallied up accordingly. Don't worry, we will keep score! You just need to have fun!
  • Teams of 2 will play two round robin games. 3 teams total, 6 players per game. Approx 15-20 mins per game is what we are expecting.
  • After the 2 rounds, teams will be placed in a knockout tournament based on their total scores from the two rounds. 3 games total guaranteed per team. If you win in the knockout round, you will play again until 1 team is the champion Pirates!
  • Total time of tournament will be 2.5-3hrs max. 1st tournament will be from 12:00pm-3pm on Saturday, April 13th. If enough entries, another tournament will start at 3:00pm - 6:00pm.
  • There will be minor prizes for teams that win the tournament, but the main point is coming out to support the charities! Main prizes will be drawn with everyone's name in the bucket - so even if you are not a good dart player, you can still win some great prizes!!!
  • Cost is $60 per player. This includes a personal size pizza and 1 alcoholic beverage of your choice.
  • All proceeds go to Regina Public School Division Food Insecurity and The Canadian Mental Health Association Sask. Division
  • Email to sign up or if you have any more questions! 

Hope to see you out there!