"The University of Regina is grateful for your support.  Our commitment to - student success, research and community - ensures meaningful, enriching and rewarding student experiences and more than ever, alumni and friends like you, are the life blood of our commitment.  Endowment gifts, the most enduring investment in our university allow us to paln for the future and ensure that scholarships, lecture series, classrooms, book awards and other resources are there for the next generation of scholars.

Your genorsity represents a major part of the Unversity of Regina fulfilling its academic commitment and continuing its upward climb.  Thank you for investing in our future."

Bruce Anderson, Associate Vice-President (Development)

"The Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished! (Astonished!) was one of the charitable recipients of the 2017 Royal Road Race.

Words cannot properly convey our deep gratitude to the Jaleta Pacers for their important work in the community. Astonished!, works towards inclusive community where young adults with complex physical disAbilities (CPD) can share their dreams, explore their strengths, and lead others to a more authentically inclusive society. The support from the Jaleta Pacers not only affirmed our work but it contributed to our ability to offer programs to our core members.

It was a wonderful experience to be part of the race. The Jaleta Pacers are an important part of the community and through the Royal Road Race they enable local community organizations to do good work.  At Astonished! our motto is Better Together … we truly are!"

The Big Sky Cenre for Learning and Being Astonished Inc.

"When Ted Jaleta let us know that KidSport was to be a charity of choice for the Royal Road Race, we couldn’t be happier. From the race’s registration fees they helped approximately 50 kids to play the sports they love right here in Regina. Thank you for giving these kids a chance to play the sports they love. One day they may run with the Jaleta Pacers and tell their story of where their start in sports began with just a little help from KidSport. "

This is from one of our families who benefited from KidSport funding.

"Your grant money paid for more than her hockey fees. Your grant money helped pay for her to make lifelong memories with girls she might never have met. Taking a moment to consider my request gave my child the chance to learn and observe about the game from her coaches, about respect and leadership and what it means to be part of a team.

You are helping keep kids active, engaged, and involved. There isn't much of a price tag on that.

Thank you for all that you do every day for this opportunity in our city and our province.

Thank you Jaleta Pacers for helping to make kids dreams come true. You are an amazing group."

Tammy Hoffart, KidSport 


“We are thrilled to be a charity recipient for the 9th annual Royal Road Race event.

This event represents what my staff and I strive to instill in our youth at the North Central Family Centre. Making healthy life-style choices that have a positive affect on our mental and physical well being.”

Sandy Wankel, Founder/Exec. Director, North Central Family Centre

“Ted Jaleta and the Jaleta Pacers are an inspiration to our NCFC marathon team.

Watching their group run helps me realize what I can accomplish if I keep trying.”

Tyneesha Eaglechild, Age 14, Sacred Heart School  

“Starting the Marathon Team and running with our inner-city youth over the last 13 years has been an extremely rewarding experience. 

Encouraging our youth to set goals, dedicate themselves to completing a full marathon, and giving them the opportunity to see the world, has been life-changing for us all.”

Ben Hernando, Marathon Coach and Runner completing over 100 Full Marathons

Dear Jaleta Pacers Members,

We are delighted to receive your generous donation of $10,000 in addition to the online donations made by so many caring people.  On behalf of the people served by Inclusion Regina, our Board of Directors, and staff, I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Jaleta Pacers who work hard each year to make these opportunities in our community a reality!

The funds received will go to support the work we do in the community as we continue to develop and deliver literacy and recreational programs for persons living with intellectual disabilities. All our programs are developed in response to direct input we receive from the people we serve. Many people express strong desires to have access to reliable and practical information, and safe spaces created where they can discuss and ask questions. This is important both for persons living with intellectual disabilities, as well as their families and care providers. But often it is difficult to source funding to meet those needs, and often funding is program specific. When a gift such as yours is given, without discretion and with complete confidence it will be used wisely, it means that we are able to address needs that might not ordinarily be allowed with grant funds. It also means we’re able to allocate the funding to more than one need.  Overall, what your donation means to Inclusion Regina is that more people in our community will have opportunities to get involved in programs of their choice because we will have the ability to offer ‘more’ and ‘better’ with the support of our community partners like Jaleta Pacers.

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support to our members and families through Jaleta Pacers Royal Road Race! For more on how funds will impact our members, there are several photos of our program participants posted on our website, and I hope you will follow us on social media to stay up to date on all our news!

Inclusion Regina, Kathy Nicholas, Executive Director