The Jaleta Pacers’ mission is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of Saskatchewan citizens and increase the opportunity for children, youth, families and the community through a challenging and inclusive running program and a strong community engagement donation strategy.  The Jaleta Pacers’ donation strategy is to strengthen the capacity of our community by increasing community development, inclusion and leadership of Saskatchewan children and youth and increase the opportunities for physical activity and overall well-being of our community.


The Jaleta Pacers are not just a group of runners; they are also a group of dedicated individuals committed to fostering vibrant, sustainable and inclusive opportunities in Regina, Saskatchewan and contributing to the overall quality of life in our community. By actively participating in various fundraising events such as the Royal Road Race held annually in partnership with the RCMP Training Academy,  the Jaleta Pacers’ donation strategy is to strengthen the capacity of our community by increasing community development, inclusion and leadership of Saskatchewan children and youth and increase the opportunities for physical activity and overall well-being of our community.  Since 2011,  the Royal Road Race has raised $232,054.00

.00 for local charities.


Given the increasing popularity of our annual fundraising event and growing interest in our donation strategy, the Jaleta Pacers now have a formal application process to select our next community recipient.

As part of the annual Royal Road Race, the Jaleta Pacers and the RCMP Training Academy each select one charity to receive funds annually as proceeds from the race.  The race is held each year on the Saturday of the Mothers’ Day weekend.  The Jaleta Pacers and the RCMP Training Academy each have selection criteria for their choice of charities. The Jaleta Pacers’ selection is widely available to local organizations based on the following published criteria. There is no guaranteed amount of the donation as the total amount is dependent upon the number of race participants.  Historically, the Jaleta Pacers have selected organizations that will receive great benefit from this source of funding.

Written submissions from charitable organizations who wish to be considered as the Jaleta Pacers’ named charity will be accepted up to August 31 each year for inclusion for the race the following May. The Jaleta Pacers will announce the selected charity in September.

Applications for the 2024 Royal Road Race are Open.


Apply Online


Must be a registered charitable organization with Canada Revenue Agency with the ability to issue tax receipts

Must have one or more of the following organizational objectives to increase opportunities for disadvantaged Saskatchewan children, youth and families:

  • Promote community development
  • Promote inclusion
  • Promote children and youth leadership development
  • To promote healthy lifestyles 
  • To promote increased physical activity

Must sign a partnership agreement that will stipulate the obligations of the charitable organization (volunteer participation during the race, promotion of the race when registration is open, including messaging in newsletters, press releases, testimonials and the like) for the funds received.

2024 Cheque Presentation to Regina Public School Division

2024 Cheque Presentation to  Saskatchewan Division Mental Health

2021 Cheque Presentation to Cowessess First Nation's Grave Marker Project


2024 choice of charities


The Jaleta Pacers choice of charity from the proceeds of the 2024 Royal Road Race will be going to food insecurity in Regina Public Schools

A number of Regina community school students experience food insecurity. This affects a student’s concentration, memory, mood, and motor skills, all of which are needed for students to be successful.

School staff at some schools, such as at Arcola Community School, may start each morning with a check-in with students about anything they need to know that might impact a student's learning. This could include: “Have you eaten something? When? How was your sleep?” Students respond accordingly.

Every day, at many Regina Public schools, teachers and other school staff may provide a small snack to students, (granola bar, piece of fruit, a muffin, etc.). They may have a number of students at the school who will eat the provided snack and then ask for more. Some schools may even have specific refrigerators that are used to stock nutritional items for students. Staff members know that they can help provide students with a morning snack.  This might be porridge, cheese, crackers, fruit, yogurt, or a sandwich.

At Arcola Community School, for instance, during lunch over the course of a week, approximately 20-30 percent  of students may line up for an emergency lunch, which consists of a sandwich and a piece of fruit. The bread for this will be donated as that community school’s budget does not include lunch costs. The Arcola Community School Nutrition Coordinator (half time) participates as needed in "Food Rescues" from local businesses. This food is then distributed directly to the students and their families in the form of food boxes. On Fridays, teachers send any leftover sandwiches, bread, or food home for select vulnerable students in the Arcola school community.

Regina Public Schools reiterates and supports the philosophy of the Arcola Community School team, “we recognize that students can’t learn at their best, regulate their emotions, and process social situations if their tummies aren’t full. We try to do whatever we can to support these students.”

To learn more about their work, please visit: