• We are excited to bring you the next edition of the RRR on May 11, 2024

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10 km


Gun time

Place overall

Place in age group

Michael Middlemiss


1 out of 36

1 out of 2

Marni Williams



1 out of 6



Full 10 km results here


2019 Race Photos

Here are the photos from the 2019 Royal Road Race for viewing and purchasing: http://www.sawatzkystudios.com/2019rrr  

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We are Back

We've been absent for three years, but WE ARE BACK. We are excited to bring you the next edition of the Royal Road Race on May 13, 2023.

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2022 Royal Road Race Deferred to May 2023

Due to the COVID pandemic and the RCMP Depot being closed to the public, we are unable to host the 2022 Royal Road Race. The race is being deferred to May 2023. More details will follow when we get closer to the event.

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Change of location

As of Tuesday, September 14th, the location of our workouts have changed to in front of the Legislative Building.  Same time – 5:15 AM Tues and Thurs.

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