The Royal Road Race organizing committee has received SHA consent to proceed with distribution of the race swag that was included with your 2020 Royal Road Race registration.  Strict protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of participants, volunteers and the community.

Distribution will take place on Friday, May 21st and Saturday, May 22nd in the RCMP Heritage Centre parking lot at 5907 Dewdney Avenue, Regina. Distribution will be done in a drive-through manner ONLY, to ensure safety.  If you are feeling unwell for any reason, have travel history or a household Covid19 case/contact please have someone else pick-up on your behalf.  Please register for a pick-up time using the link below.

When you arrive follow the traffic director’s instructions:
- remain in your vehicle at all times
- keep your windows closed 
- be prepared to show the ID for the package pick-up (actual or digital image) through your closed window
- open your trunk or back window and your package will be placed inside.


Volunteers will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment to ensure the safety of all.

To minimize contact risk, we ask you select ONE member of your family as the designated pickup person, similarly one friend for a group. The person selected to pick up a group of packages will be required to provide Government issued ID (this can be an electronic image) for everyone who is to receive a race package. Four packages? Four separate ID cards, please.  

Click on the following link to select your pick up time:   Please make every effort to arrive in your selected time slot to avoid large groups, long waits, traffic issues and most importantly to ensure everyone’s safety. 

The Mini-Mounties will receive medals (and T-shirts for those who pre-purchased shirts).  The adults will receive jewelry and medals (and T-shirts for those who pre-purchased).  As this was our 10th Anniversary celebration, the jewelry options for this year are a variety of colours of necklaces or bracelets from Hillberg & Berk.  All colours and styles will be handed out randomly. If you wish to trade jewelry for a different piece or colour, we encourage you to connect with other race participants on the Royal Road Race Facebook page or any social media of your choosing.    

Alternate arrangements for physical pickup AFTER May 23 can be requested at If you absolutely cannot arrange pickup, we can ship your package for a prepaid fee of $20 by sending a request to